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What You Don’t Know About Conversion Therapy

It’s been condemned by every major medical and mental health organization, yet it continues to cause widespread harm to LGBT youth and their families. Attempting to change a young person’s sexual orientation and gender identity has been linked to increased depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Almost 700,000 LGBT adults have undergone conversion therapy at some point in their lives. Mathew and Shannon explain why they won’t stop until it’s history.

How the Pandemic is Affecting Human Rights Battles

Conversion therapy that seeks to change the sexual orientation of LGTBQ young people has been banned in 20 states, most recently in Virginia and Utah. Yet state legislative efforts to end the psychologically damaging practice and to protect basic human rights have stalled during the coronavirus pandemic. Experts with Born Perfect discuss their ongoing efforts to protect LGBTQ youth, restore families, and uphold human rights in the era of COVID-19.

The Gift of Reconciliation

Families that have been torn apart by the mistaken beliefs propagated by conversion therapy can heal through love, awareness, and acceptance. Mathew recounts his personal story of forgiveness and hope for families struggling with estrangement around the holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and year-round.

Getting to the Root of Discrimination

The fight to end conversion therapy gets to the heart of what it means to be LGBTQ. Mathew and Shannon discuss the sea change underway across America, and why banning conversion therapy is a benchmark for human rights.

Hope in the Fight for Human Rights

The fight for LGBTQ rights largely stalled following the landmark U.S. Supreme Court for marriage equality, with efforts to pass state anti-discrimination laws foundering. Born Perfect’s string of successes passing state laws banning conversion therapy is a bright spot. Shannon and Mathew discuss what it means for the larger movement.

Born Perfect Ambassadors: From Victims to Activists

Born Perfect has empowered many survivors to become advocates for ending conversion therapy across the U.S. They are available to share their stories in states considering legislation to ban conversion therapy.
As legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Shannon Minter has been central in crafting legal strategies for marriage and transgender equality, employment, and youth issues, including his leading role in dismantling conversion therapy state by state. The veteran civil rights litigator discusses the cases and issues on the horizon that will shape the path toward universal human rights.

Supporting Your LGBTQ Child

Love and acceptance is the opposite of conversion therapy. Mathew and other Born Perfect experts share information for what parents should and families and shouldn’t do and to support LGBTQ children and family members.

How Long Can Abuse Persist?

All of the nation’s leading professional medical and mental health associations have rejected the conversion therapy as unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous. Born Perfect experts discuss the origins of this misguided and harmful form of psychological abuse — and how ending it will impact the larger struggle for human rights.

Spread the Word: End Conversion Therapy

Mathew’s journey to start Born Perfect began when he posted his personal story on YouTube in 2012. He discusses how people can get involved, and how he plans to spread the message — including an upcoming satirical production featuring big-name Hollywood actors that will shine the light on conversion therapy.

Acceptance: A Fundamental Family Value

A trans man, Shannon grew up in and still lives in a conservative area of rural Texas. He discusses how Born Perfect is reaching out and building bridges across the partisan divide to help restore LGBTQ young people to their families and faith communities.
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